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XIAMEN LEELEN ELECTRIC CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in April 2003, with a registered capital of RMB 600 million yuan, the Department of Sino foreign joint venture enterprise. Company is located in a beautiful environment, basis functions to improve the Xiamen Jimei North Industrial Zone, the main R & D, production of electronic over current protection controller, motor protection controller, coil switch driver, under pressure release drives and other products, the product belongs to modern electronic technology in the electric control applications in the field of high technology industry, in December 2003, obtain certificate of high-tech enterprises. Company's existing 4000 square meters of standard electronic factory, the product production process standards are executed according to the international standard of IPC, product quality inspection and control completely according to the international standard of IPC, and the electronics industry standard requirements fully into line, to ensure that the product quality reliable, durable, the product quality standards applicable to the global. We are a famous international group is located in Xiamen for a low-voltage electrical equipment Co., Ltd. and a switch Co., Ltd. and arranged on the Italian company supporting the supply of electronic over current protection controller, motor protection controller, coil switch driver, under voltage tripping driving device and other products. The company's products is a kind of modern electronic technology in electric control applications in the field of high technology industry, product design with high precision and the latest achievements of modern electronic technology and micro controller Micro-Controller-Unit high reliable integrated operational amplifier Integrated-Operational-Amplifier as the core, the product has high accuracy high reliable intelligent characteristic. Company management layer were for many years engaged in automatic control research, product design, and made a number of achievements in the high-tech talent, the direct management of new product new technology research and development work, with the talent, development of experimental equipment and funds do a lot of input, and constantly enhance the company's technology R & D resources; science and technology research and development of key personnel with an average age of only 29 years old, rich experience, in the prime of life, the a with a strong technical innovation ability of the technical team, with the rapid development of enterprises to adapt to the new technology, new products. Company active learning and introducing western advanced management mode, and gradually establish a modern enterprise management system, and the management mode of convergence; the right business strategy, the company has been rapid development in just a few years time, the construction of the company as a whole have become more and more perfect, is now owned advanced production equipment and sophisticated detection equipment and strict quality control system, annual production value of year-on-year rapid growth, to the end of 2008 has reached 1.1 billion yuan. Our commitment to modern electronic control technology in the application in the field of electrical automatic control device and product research and development, production and manufacturing, have good research, production, marketing basic conditions; based on scientific and technological innovation, rely on strong technical strength, has developed series industrial control products based on, continuous innovation, research and development of new products, pilot production and supporting supplies. Companies adhering to the 'team, efficient management, excellence, the pursuit of excellence' the core value view, and continuously improve their professional skills and management level, and strive to be the modern electronic technology is used in electric field of measurement and control, and strive to provide quality products and professional and perfect technical service for customers. 'Electrical control experts, the value of outstanding suppliers' is our goal in the next few years. The management system policy of our company: Excellence, the pursuit of excellent quality, law-abiding reflected social responsibility, team cooperation achieve efficient management, continue to forge ahead to create more value.

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