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One, mission Give home peace of mind, so that social harmony Focus on the use of advanced technology to improve leelen Home Furnishing conditions, improve family life, to give you a five star home. Lilin has always advocated "a Lilin, Lilin have home" concept, pay attention to the operation and management of simple, warmth and humanity, adhering to let employee children can benefit the goal, building the "big Lilin" business circle. Two, vision To create an international brand, to achieve Evergreen Foundation Leelen technology with more than ten years of development to achieve the leading position in the domestic market, will also use a hundred years will to explore and conquer the international market, become to create customer demand in the global market, pragmatic and provide first-class security products of high-tech enterprises. At the same time, leelen were determined to pass the dream, the cultural heritage, the forest stand in the world. Three, enterprise purpose To customers: to provide value-added products and services for customers Of staff: to build a platform for the growth of the value of life In society: to create a first-class security for social harmony Four, the spirit of enterprise Pragmatic and confident in harmony and progress "Pragmatic, self-confidence, harmonious and enterprising" spirit of the Lilin centralized reflection, is Lilin rapid growth, steady development, identity and the source of power. Five, enterprise values Learning to lead life, filial piety and management team; Integrity to build brands, and achieve the goal of win-win.

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