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2016 - 07 - 25
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Venue: Chinese International Exhibition Center (New Beijing, Shunyi District)Exhibition date: 2014-10-28Exhibition content: Booth No.: W1 Pavilion C43
2013 - 12 - 11
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As is known to all, the wisdom of the city mainly related to networking, intelligent transportation, security monitoring and other fields, the construction is not done overnight is a long-term develop...
2016 - 07 - 25
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May 10, 2016 and counsellors' office of the State Council Research Group counselor Zhang Gang, Jiang Minglin, Xiu Hua, Zhang Yuan side, (such as a line of nine people to leelen technology research...
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System diagramFunction introduction  Function overview:Can be applied to more than one floor of the villa, access to 4 to 1 sets of indoor extensionCan be applied to multiple entrances and exits of the villa, access to 4 to 1 units at the entrance of the machineIt calls between the transfer and internal extension call intercom functionWith night vision function, equipped with LED lighting compensationAccess control reading head (optional) Technical parameter:Operating voltage: DC18V + 10% (provided by extension, each extension shall be connected to the power supply)Working current: host: = 230mA extension: 500mAOperating temperature: host: -40 C ~ +70 C extension: -10 C ~ +50 CWiring way: 4 bus (RVV4 * 0.5)The transmission distance is less than 100 meters.Video signal: 1Vp-p/75Host c...
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